Agility Training for Your Pup

We all know that playing with your dog is an excellent training technique but imagine being able to professionally train your puppy in a fast-paced, fun activity.

This article takes a look at courses in dog agility training!

What Is Agility Training?

Agility training is fun, fast and exciting. Competitors direct their dogs around obstacle courses in an attempt to achieve perfect execution while battling against the clock. The obstacles can be jumps, weaving poles, see-saws, ramps, balance beam, walks or tunnels! Certain breeds excel at agility but the sport can be enjoyed and mastered by any dog, even if you don’t intend on competing.

Taking part in an agility course is a good way to help your puppy use up excess energy and get exercise in a constructive way. Your pet becomes more responsive to basic commands and you will have a more obedient dog. There are plenty of clubs in metropolitan areas that you can join to practice and compete.

The Benefits of Agility Training

Dogs are instinctively active. In the wild, they are masters of hunting and chasing prey in minimal time, dodging obstacles and squeezing themselves through vegetation. Agility courses mimic these natural movements and fulfil your dog’s instincts in a safe and challenging setting. Along with exercising your dog, agility also helps you get in shape while you run alongside your pet and assist them through the course.

Agility courses are created so the dog would be incapable of completing them without the assistance of a handler; they rely on voice commands and body language. Taking part in agility training will strengthen the bond between owner and pet, instil clear communication, and improve overall behaviour outside of the course. As your dog perfects complex moves and jumps, their focus, ability, and athletic skills are sharpened. This boosts self-assurance and confidence in your pup.

Completing a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training

The National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) offers Australia’s longest running and most comprehensive dog trainer certification program. This is a nationally recognised qualification in theoretical canine behavioural education with hands-on, practical units. Students learn skills that go far beyond the basics of obedience training, including advanced agility tricks and challenging moves that can be required in film or television. This includes:

  • Training complex behaviours
  • Advanced dog tricks
  • Target training
  • Shaping and Chaining behaviour
  • Problem solving

Courses can be completed face-to-face or online and can be done in as little as five months. You’ll learn a variety of training techniques across every unit from experts in the field and get hands-on experience training dogs of all breeds and ages.

If you have any enquiries regarding agility training and dog obedience courses, contact the experts at NDTF online or call 1300 66 44 66.