Puppy Love: What It Truly Means to Love Your Dog

It is no word of a lie when we refer to dogs as “man’s best friend”. Over the course of history, the bond between humans and dogs has grown into a lifeform of its own. There are some people who love their dog more than they love other humans, and when you look at the reasoning behind that logic, it makes complete sense.

In this article, the experts at the National Dog Trainers Federation are exploring the bond between humans and canines, and what we can do to strengthen it.

Why We Love Dogs

Dogs help humans in every conceivable way that they can, expecting very little in return. Canines have hunted with us, eradicated pests, served our armed forces, assisted the disabled, provided comfort, and remain our best companions. All they need from us is food, water, shelter, exercise and a whole lot of love.

Studies have shown that owning a pet dog relaxes people, lowers blood pressure and makes us more active.

Service dogs are used to help people with mental and physical disabilities, guard property and sniff out criminal activity. All dogs are capable of being trained and all dogs are capable of giving lots of love!

How You Can Love Your Dog Even More

If you’re looking for ways you can tell your dog you love them in a language they can understand, we’ve put together a few pointers for you!

Feed Your Pup by Hand

This can be especially important with puppies. When you feed your dog by hand, you are showing yourself as the stable food provider and can reduce the chance of food aggression. Your dog looks forward to spending time with you, so foster that bond between the two of you. Hand-feeding treats during training is something you can do even when your puppy is a full-grown adult.

Learn Your Dog’s Language

Dogs are highly intelligent and can say a lot with their body language. Some canines don’t like to be hugged or approached directly, which can lead to a lot of confusion between owners and their dogs. Learn the signs and you will be able to listen to what your dog is telling you.

Train Your Dog

Using positive reinforcement techniques is a brilliant way to show your dog how much you love them. Frequent training sessions allow you to use positive reinforcement in a very constructive manner, making your bond even stronger. You can learn a lot about what works for your canine from training, and the reward will be massive for both of you.

Enroll in an Obedience Training Course

You and your dog can benefit from a certified canine training course in many ways. Creating a happy home and a balanced relationship is the ultimate way to spread the love with your furry friend. Get in contact with the NDTF for more information on anything in this article. Call us on 1300 66 44 66 or simply contact us online.