Can Dogs Really Sense Our Emotions?

If you’re the proud owner of a dog, you can relate to certain times when your pup seems to pick up perfectly on your mood. Instead of narrowing it down to coincidence, we’re here to tell you that reports have proven dogs can sense and recognise human emotions. In this article, we’re exploring some of the amazing things your dog can pick up on!

Dogs Know When We’re Sad

When you are sad, your dog has the ability to pick up on this and adjust his behaviour. Mimicking you, he may act quieter, lose interest in toys and even eat less. Typically, dogs observe sadness in their owners from the other side of the room and then choose to come over and console them.

Research has shown that a dog is more likely to approach a human who is crying than someone who is talking – the dog will also respond with submissive behaviour in these cases.

Your Dog Can Sense Your Intentions

We have all seen dogs get excited when their owners put on walking shoes or run for cover when humans turn the bathtub on. Dogs are creatures of habit and they will know when you are planning an activity that involves them by picking up on subtle body language cues.

Luckily, dogs understand when humans have good intentions – if you’re undertaking a task they dislike, they will accept it because you are doing it for their own good. This is a testimony to the utmost love and trust that dogs have for their human companions.

Dogs Understand Fear

Whenever you feel scared, your dog will sense it immediately. Due to their sensitive noses that can pick up on subtle senses from a distance, dogs can sense adrenalin and its effects – something they associate with danger.

Larger dogs will act as your protector in these situations. Smaller or nervous dogs will imitate your reaction and also feel fear. Something to remember is that your dog will always get its cues from you so you must lead by example in unpleasant situations.

Your Dog Will Always Know When You’re Angry

After a period of time, dogs begin to pick up on their owner’s anger without even it being expressed. Simply putting your hands on your hips disapprovingly will have your dog apologising in its own way. Studies have shown dogs understand anger but don’t always know what the source is, which is why owners must try to be consistent at all times.

Keep Track of Your Dog’s Behaviour with Training

When a dog senses anger in their human, they will try to change their behaviours. Unfortunately, this can be counterproductive when the pup isn’t the source of your anger. To cement only good behaviours, enrol your canine in a dog obedience training course with the NDTF. You’ll learn important skills and strengthen the puppy-owner bond.

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