Choosing an NDTF Trainer

Ongoing professional development is central to maintaining the effective ethical practice across all industries, and dog trainers understand this. When it comes to choosing an organisation, dog training professionals want to know their training providers are offering a comprehensive course of study; based on up to date information and ethical practice.

The NDTF are the only government accredited training body in Australia and we take our commitment to high standards of practice very seriously. Our training team is comprised of a range of world class educators dedicated to sharing their knowledge across the dog training community. Internationally trained and extensively experienced, our educators are recognised as being the best in the business.

Membership and Accreditation with the NDTF requires comprehensive adherence across your business to our code of ethics, and this puts you ahead when it comes to your own professional profile in the community. Choosing an NDTF trainer supports you and your business in the following ways:

  • NDTF members have an industry leading education based in the most scientifically proven and up to date information
  • The high standards of its members are upheld by the NDTF providing ongoing educational and professional development opportunities
  • NDTF members meet the most stringent membership criteria of any trainer representative body Australia wide
  • Membership requires significant industry knowledge as well as extensive practical experience
  • The NDTF enforces a strict Code of Ethics by which all members are contractually bound
  • The NDTF offers Australia’s leading authorities on canine behaviour, veterinary surgeons, expert dog breeders, and highly qualified professional trainers.
  • Australia’s longest running and most comprehensive dog trainer certification program. The course is also a nationally recognised qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework
  • The NDTF works closely with Precise Training to deliver this world class professional dog training course

The NTDF courses of training have been successfully completed by literally thousands of students throughout Australia and internationally and is suitable for people from all walks of life.

If you would like to find out more about NDTF certification for yourself or your dog training business, contact us today on 1300 664 466 or enquire online to find out more about the application process.