It’s easy to think of reasons why you might decide to give your dog a yummy snack. Maybe they’ve just learned a new trick, you want to coax them into coming back inside, or they’ve just been an especially good dog and you want to show them how much you care.

What can be difficult, however, is finding the right snack for your dog. There’s a lot to consider like the price, nutritional value, availability, and, most importantly, whether or not your dog is going to enjoy it. If you’ve been looking for some new dog friendly snacks, here are a few you might already have at home.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a delicious treat your dog will love, and you’ve probably already got it sitting in a cupboard at home. As well as being delicious for hounds and humans alike, peanut butter is a great source of Vitamins B and E, and healthy fats. However, before feeding the spread to your spaniel, check the ingredients on the jar; some brands contain an artificial sweetener called Xylitol which can be seriously harmful to dogs.


Most dogs simply adore cheese. It’s a great treat for them, although be aware that, like people, some dogs are lactose intolerant. When it comes to choosing a cheese, don’t feel compelled to feed your dog the good stilton; they will be perfectly satisfied with a conventional tasty cheese or supermarket cheddar.


It may surprise many to know that dogs love to eat eggs. It is recommended that you cook the eggs before feeding them to your dog; raw egg whites can cause a biotin deficiency.

Now that You’ve Got the Right Snacks

Now that you’ve got the right treats for your dog, you will want to be sure you’re feeding them the right way. Many people feed treats to their dog at the wrong time and end up reinforcing destructive behaviours. You would be surprised at how much improvement in a dog’s behaviour you can stimulate with good treats and the right training.

Dog Obedience Courses

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