If you’re wondering whether you should train your dog on your own or get a professional trainer to do the same, you must keep a few things in mind. If you decide to train your pet on your own, you will be able to develop a wonderful relationship with the dog and you won’t have to make payments for training sessions, so it certainly has its own advantages. If you decide to use a trainer though, your pet will be trained by a professional who has the necessary knowledge and skills that are essential for dealing with canine behavioural issues. Some trainers have been working with dogs for most of their lives. They thoroughly understand why dogs behave in socially unacceptable ways and they will be able to tell you whether certain reactions are just behavioural issues or reactions caused by underlying health issues that need veterinary intervention.

Types of Trainings Available

From obedience training to snake avoidance training, agility training and search and rescue, the options are vast. If you only want your pet to behave appropriately at home and outdoors, obedience training might be the best choice for you. Trainers will address common canine concerns like excessive barking, chewing, jumping, and inappropriate elimination. Pets can also be taught a few tricks and they will be encouraged to lead an active and social life.

Agility training teaches your pet to race through agility courses with speed and accuracy. This training should be performed by trained professionals as dog’s are more likely to suffer from sports injuries when the trainings are not conducted appropriately. Once trained, the pet can participate in agility competitions held at various clubs.

Search and rescue training taps into the pet’s natural instincts. It teaches them to perform live person searches on different terrains. Pets are first taught to search for their owners. Depending on the level of training attained, the dog will then be able to search and rescue people/cadavers trapped in the wilderness, in urban areas, in waterbodies or in places where natural disasters have occurred.

Snake avoidance teaches your pet to identify and avoid snakes. It also teaches you how to treat your pet if he gets bitten by a snake.

Signing Your Pet Up for Training

Instead of buying special equipment to train your pet, you could simply pay for training sessions and use the skill and experience of the trainer to teach your dog valuable lessons. The National Dog Training Federation employs the best dog trainers in the nation. The trainers have to meet strict criteria laid down by the federation to be authorised to work as dog trainers. Our trainers can conduct in-home training sessions or they can do them at our modern Boarding and Training Facility. We strive for excellence through our training programs. All our instructors meet the minimum level of dog training education that’s required and they have years of practical experience. We enforce a strict Code of Ethics by which our trainers are legally bound so you can be sure your pet is in safe hands.

To find out more about our accredited dog trainers in Australia, visit us online or give us a call on 1300 66 44 66. We will help you choose the right trainer based on your pet’s special needs.

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