Keeping Your Dog in Top Shape

It’s natural to want to spoil your dog as much as possible. Luckily, there are ways to do exactly that while keeping them fit and healthy. A healthy dog will keep you active, make your home a happy one and won’t cost a fortune in vet bills down the track. In this article, we’re exploring the best ways to keep your dog in top shape.

Keep the Treats Under Control

If your dog is in training, treats are a great way to reward positive behaviours and teach them new things. However, too many treats can lead to reliance on them and the chance of doggy obesity. If it’s difficult to cut back, try halving the treat portion and saving the rest for the next day. Instead of using treats, dogs react well to attention and love as their reward!

Go Hiking

Taking the same walking path every day can become monotonous for you and your dog. Research has suggested that living bodies respond well to unexpected and varied exercise, so put on your walking gear and get hiking! The fresh air and activity is beneficial for both of you and will work as a bonding moment. Of course, if either of you isn’t quite fit enough for a hike, start with long walks and build up from there.

 Have Fun at a Dog Park

Take a walk to the nearest dog park and throw the ball around. Remember to only take your dog off the leash if they are trained in obedience and will respond to “come” commands. Socialisation is very important for a mentally-stimulated and well-adjusted dog, so introduce your canine to new friends at the park.

Maintain a Nutritious, Balanced Diet

Just like humans, what a dog eats affects every part of their body – from their weight and teeth to the shine of their fur. It’s vitally important to feed your dog foods they can digest properly that will nourish their growing body.

Raw food diets are perfect for most, if not all, four-legged friends. If you do choose to buy packaged dog food, make sure you research the brand’s ingredients thoroughly and find something as preservative-free as possible.

Go for a Swim

This low-impact cardio workout is amazing for dogs of all sizes. If your dog is suffering from hip dysplasia or obesity, swimming is the best exercise they can receive. Just make sure you’re nearby to keep them calm and safe at all times.

Enrol in a Canine Obedience Course

So many activities on this list simply aren’t possible without a well-trained, mentally-stimulated puppy. The benefits of certified dog training are endless, and both you and your dog can have fun while you learn. For more information on courses held by the National Dog Trainers Federation, get in contact today. Call us on 1300 66 44 66 or contact us online.