Dogs are a different species that communicate with us differently. They have specific needs and different behaviour patterns, some of which are considered socially unacceptable. In order to take your pet out in public and have him obey your commands, it’s important to consider signing up for obedience training lessons.

Principle of Obedience Training

Training simply boils down to rewarding good behaviour or correcting bad behaviour through positive reinforcement. It doesn’t have to involve the use of electric collars, squirt bottles or prong collars. Licensed and accredited institutions like the National Dog Trainers Federation abide by a code of ethics to protect pets from inhumane behaviour. This is also reflected in the strategies they use to train pets. It’s important to sign up with accredited trainers so that your pet is surrounded by love and gets the attention he deserves during the training process.

What Does Obedience Training Teach Your Pet?

Obedience training is a dog-friendly training program designed to teach pets to obey commands. Once the basic training is over, your pet should be able to sit, stay, and come when you say the words. Consistent training is key to the success of the program. In short, your pet should be able to listen to your commands every time. The training helps to strengthen the relationship between the owner and the pet, it builds trust, and helps your pet react appropriately in stressful situations. Obedience training sessions can be built around the needs of each dog. Some pets may be aggressive while others may have problems with housebreaking. Professional dog trainers in Australia are experts in dog behaviour. So they’re able to train all breeds and pets of all age groups.

Other Benefits of Obedience Training

Pets are mentally stimulated during training sessions. They’re challenged and given an opportunity to perform new tasks. You could, for instance, get your dog trained to locate your keys. With proper reinforcement your pet will be able to sniff your keys out no matter where they’re lost. Through obedience training they learn to socialise with other pets and communicate with them effectively. Training can last several months. It depends on the age of your pet and the type of training you’ve selected.

How Early Should You Start Training Your Pet?

Lessons can begin as early as 9 weeks of age. You will have to make sure you stay on top of your pet’s vaccination schedule in order to prevent the transmission or contraction of pet illnesses. If you start early, you’ll be able to prevent undesirable behaviours and you will cherish your time with your well-mannered puppy.

Your Responsibility as a Pet Owner

If you’ve signed up for dog obedience training lessons, you’ll have to work with the instructor to modify your pet’s undesirable behaviour. If you don’t follow through, your pet will receive mixed responses and the training will take much longer. The RSPCA encourages dog obedience training in Australia. So if you’ve adopted a pet or bought a new puppy, consider signing your pet up for obedience training lessons. You’ll be a step closer to living with a well-disciplined canine friend.

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