Puppies are the cutest animals in the world, but some of their habits can become a hassle if not caught and fixed early on. Here are some problematic things to work on with your puppy, on your own and at a dog obedience course.


It’s perfectly natural for puppies to want to chew on your clothes, furniture and books, and it might not seem like much of a problem. Their weak little puppy jaws don’t do much damage, after all. However, little dogs don’t always stay little. If you don’t nip this behaviour in the bud, you may have to start dealing serious destruction of your property very soon.


Biting is one of the most important behaviours to address with a young puppy. It’s perfectly natural for dogs to bite, but it’s an absolute necessity that your pet doesn’t do it. For anybody who encounters them, it’s going to be bad news if you haven’t trained your dog to not do this.

Jumping Up

It can be thoroughly cute when a puppy jumps up to greet you at the door. However, as the dog gets older and larger, jumping up can become a destructive habit that could potentially cause you, your property, or your dog to come to harm.

Fixing this bad behaviour is especially urgent for owners of puppies that will one day grow to be of an enormous size and weight. While you might not mind, guests and pet sitters you have around are unlikely to be as tolerant and high-spirited when they are pounced on. When you factor the possibility of small children into the picture, it’s clear that jumping up uninvited is a bad behaviour that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. 

Get Some Help

There are many other puppy behaviours that need to be remedied early on like improper barking, disobedience, and house training. If you’re not a professional dog trainer, or you don’t have a long history training dogs, it’s too much to fix all these problems on your own. Get in touch with a NDTF registered dog trainer to catch and fix these issues before they snowball out of control.

Dog Obedience Courses

Is your dog in need of a canine training course?

Did you know that NDTF is the national representative for the dog training industry and we offer Australia’s only government-approved dog training course for professional dog trainers?

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