Every trainer comes into their own after becoming certified with us, and so they should. This is something we feel Kacie has done amazingly well as she is constantly explaining how over the years she has met many trainers both domestically and internationally that align their training philosophy with her own, in which she feels is very important.

“With so many trainers and training organisations available, I would say that the most important aspect of choosing a place to study is to find someone reputable, and whose training philosophies and values align with yours.”

So what is Kacie’s training method? She says she bases it around “finding what motivates dogs”. She applied a strong belief that there is no one size fits all method and that there should always be constant alterations to a dogs training regime dependent on what works best for them. With a strong belief that training should be fun, for the owner and the dog, and to Kacie it’s all about teaching the dog that they can control and make good decisions, not controlling or compelling the dog to make those decisions.”

Establishing such a strong and positive philosophy we feel has been a major part of the success to which she has accomplished today. Now becoming a business owner and a mother in such a short space of time, we wanted to have a look at her thoughts on such a chaotic lifestyle.

We wondered where Kacie was moving, and what she was wanting to get out of her business in the near future. She explained her long-term goal to be “the specialist in the Brisbane area for puppy preschool as I’m incredibly passionate about ensuring puppies are socialised and go through independence and confidence development training”. Her continued passion for teaching pups at a young age we feel is inspiring, as she wants to encourage carers to not wait until their pets are older for them to suddenly flip, and become the dog that they have never been taught to be. Kacie believes that this is the way she is able to help in “limiting the number of dogs that end up in shelters for behavioural reasons”.

She is also a Good Samaritan at heart as throughout her interview we see good intentions coming out of every response she offers and we were taken back by a specific statement she made which we felt was ‘cool’ for lack of better word. “My puppy preschool and obedience classes are free to anyone that is fostering dogs to help improve their obedience and confidence, which I hope will help find them a forever home and keep them out of shelters.” The fact that there are still people out there that will offer a service out of the good of their hearts is amazing and is something we want to personally congratulate Kacie for. She continues to explain how this isn’t the only good service she aims to be a part of. As she studied medical alert dog training overseas, it is something she has wanted to help fund here in Australia, as she aims to start her own charity to support those in need; and this is why she not only has been able to become a well-informed dog trainer but a hopeful business women and an even better Mum.

If you follow Kacie’s Puppy School on social media (which you should, links at the end of this post), you’ll know that a business isn’t the only new thing that has come into her life. Kacie now has been a mother of a little 5-month-old, and we wondered if her training has been something that’s been put on the backburner.

“My son is and always will be our priority and I’m not going to lie, it’s been quite challenging trying to set up a business with an infant – some have called me crazy! However, if you have a passion that you are trying to make a reality, I feel it’s important you don’t lose sight of that or your sense of self.


Kacie continues to explain that training your dog for 5-10 minutes a day is as good as walking them from a mental stimulation perspective and that training your pet doesn’t have to be that time-consuming.  By having a goal to your training, with consistent small steps, you’ll find you will get to your end goal before you know it.  She goes on to reveal that with the support group around her, she has also found this process a lot easier.

If you’re not someone within the dog industry, or/and are someone heavily influenced by the media, you’ll wonder if a mother should be worried about having a little one around animals, and in specific dogs. She opens her response with:

“Firstly, a child should never be left alone with a dog, regardless of how old the dog is and how much trust the owners have in it.  A child’s innocent play could quite easily be the simple trigger a family pet needs to cause it to react.  All too often you hear ‘my dog bit a child in the face, but he’s always been such a friendly, trustworthy dog”.


As Kacie recalls a recent engagement with a child and a Golden Retriever in a public place, where the child warm-heartedly approached the restrained dog with open arms to which was received by the dog as threatening. Watching the event unfold Kacie felt obliged to step in, collecting the child as she noticed negative body language from the canine. Explaining to us that “the sad fact is that if that dog had bitten the child, it would have been put down as a result. Yet in this current situation, the dog was giving all the correct signals to let the child know it wasn’t comfortable, and didn’t want him to approach and was asking for space”.

Kacie closes her answer by claiming “there’s unfair blame put on dogs and at times, not enough responsibility put on parents to educate their kids about approaching dogs, especially strange dogs”.

So after such an inspiring interview, we wondered what keeps in the back of her mind throughout her career and how does she exactly keep busy and still keep her sanity.

“Run your own race.  Figure out what makes you a good trainer and trust in that.  You may not be the person with the most experience handling dogs or someone with the biggest dog training company, but if you believe in yourself and what it is you stand for with training, then the rest will take care of itself.”


So I guess closing this two-part interview, we have come to learn a lot about the world Kacie comes from and the person she is. Another one of her services that she too offers for Distance Learners with The National Dog Trainers Federation is:

“if there are Brisbane based students looking for someone to reach out to for practical class instruction or in-home training experience, I want to make that element of the course easier for them – as it’s important from a confidence perspective.”

A special for our readers;

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