Pet-based apps for smartphones and tablets have become a multimillion-dollar industry in just a few years, and it isn’t hard to see why they dominate the charts. These apps allow you to control microchip activated doggy doors, automatic fetch machines and smart collars, and they are now readily available at low prices. Here are just a few mod-cons you might consider downloading.

Smart Collars

A smart collar looks just like an ordinary dog collar, but it can do so much more. Typically, the device will be fitted with a GPS that tracks your dog’s location, so you don’t have to worry in the event that they bolt down the street.

The smart collar has a bunch of other nifty features in addition to that. Some brands stay abreast of your dog’s wellness and provide recommendations for training, diet and exercise based on your dog’s age and breed. It’s no substitute for a dog training course, but it’s a great start.

Dog Cameras

You can’t always take your dog with you when you leave the house, but with a dog camera installed in your home, your dog never has to feel like they’re being left alone. After being installed and activated, dog cameras connect to your home Wi-Fi and cast to your mobile while you’re out and about. Many dog cameras also come equipped with speakers, so you can talk to your dog even though you’re not physically present. Some feature treat dispensers, which allow you to reward your dog for being patient in your absence.

Microchip Doors

Doggy doors are a great way to let your dog come and go without you having to leave a door open. It also removes those arduous stretches of time where you might have to stand with a door adjacent while your pooch makes up its mind if it will be staying or going.

However, doggy doors have some downsides; they make your house less secure, and unwanted wildlife might get into your home through them. The joy of a microchip door is that it’ll open for your dog – responding to a unique electronic signal – but stay closed otherwise.

Training Apps

Apps teaching you how to train your dog can be a great resource. However, you should be wary; the quality of these apps can be uneven, and unless you’re already an experienced dog handler, you won’t know what mistakes you’re making. Not everybody, after all, has a certificate III dog training qualification.

Dog Obedience Courses

Is your dog in need of a canine training course?

Did you know that NDTF is the national representative for the dog training industry and we offer Australia’s only government-approved dog training course for professional dog trainers?

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