It can be really hard to choose a good dog sitter, especially if you’ve got to pick somebody you don’t know personally. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you’re picking the right dog sitter for the dog you love.

Look Online and Ask Around

There’s no one perfect way to start looking for a dog sitter. Ask your trusted friends if they can recommend anybody, then start scrolling through one of the many websites for highly regarded dog sitters. It’s early days at this point in the process, so keep an open mind and identify as many potential candidates as possible.

Look for Indicators of Quality

Look for things like liability insurance, good references and outstanding dog training credentials. Also, check that the pet sitter has contact details for a veterinarian. If there’s an emergency, do they know what steps to take?

Compare Prices

Once you’ve got a shortlist of prospective candidates, compare what they’re asking as a fee. The bigger your pool of names, the easier it will be to see what a fair price is. From there, you’ll be in a better position to ascertain which candidates are charging exorbitant fees, and which are asking for a suspiciously low amount.

Conduct an Interview

Credentials and pricing are both really important factors, but it’s also important that you and your dog feel comfortable with the dog sitter. A face to face interview is the best way of establishing whether or on they’ve got a good vibe. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to have the sitter demonstrate that they know how to handle your dog and that they’ll be able to cope with any special needs they might have.

Make the Process Easier with Some Dog Training

The most sure-fire way to avoid having trouble with a dog sitter is by ensure that your dog has been to a dog obedience course. You can’t always guarantee that your sitter is going to be an expert on how to handle dogs, but with a well-trained pet, their job is going to be far easier and potential problems will be minimised.

Dog Obedience Courses

Is your dog in need of a canine training course?

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