Why Do German Shepherds Make Great Police Dogs?

German Shepherds have long been used as police dogs, military dogs, farm workers and much more. This incredibly intelligent breed of canine has excelled in so many fields that we thought it would be worthwhile to take a deeper look at their history and traits. In this article, we’re celebrating the beautiful German Shepherds that protect humans all around the world.

A Little Bit of German Shepherd History

This relatively new breed of dog dates back to the 1890s where its main role was herding sheep and working on farms. The very first German Shepherd to be registered in Germany was a working sheepherder that required “no training other than direction and finish to become proficient at the task.” Due to their incredible intelligence, loyalty and courage, German Shepherds were used extensively in both of the World Wars. Today, we commonly see German Shepherds accompanying policemen, working in airports and assisting the military. With appropriate canine training, these dogs are capable of anything they put their mind to.

Traits of a Hardworking German Shepherd

Above other canines, German Shepherds make fantastic police dogs because they:

  • are quick to bond with their owner or handler
  • are extremely obedient
  • have been bred to benefit from calm nerves and a level temperament – this means they excel in high-risk and tense situations
  • are incredibly intelligent and can perform complex tasks such as tracking and detecting illegal activity
  • they are protective
  • they are loyal
  • they can work long hours without tiring
  • they are strong and athletic, able to attack, protect and focus for long periods of time

 Award-Winning, Globally Recognised Dogs

German Shepherds may be alert and able to attack, but they are still approachable and willing to meet strangers with good intentions. As watchdogs, support dogs, herding dogs or guardians, they excel with flying colours. Humans recognised over a hundred years ago and have put substantial time into breeding these qualities in German Shepherds.

Each year, there are five loyal dogs who are celebrated for making significant contributions to individuals or larger communities. German Shepherds have won the all-time awards for canine excellence over time! What an amazing breed.

Training Your German Shepherd to Its Fullest Potential

German Shepherds can be trained at home; however, to reach their potential and learn incredible commands, it is necessary to enrol them in a certified canine obedience course. As an owner, you can undertake study to become a dog trainer, too! The National Dog Trainers Federation has options for dogs of all breeds and ages.

For more information on training your German Shepherd or anything else in this article, get in touch with the puppy experts at the NDTF. You can call us on 1300 66 44 66 or contact us online.